April 25, 2022 3 min read

Because we all care about our furbabies and want them to enjoy the best slumber possible, you'll want to make sure they have a comfortable place to do so. Dogs sleep for around 12-14 hours per day, so it’s important to choose the right size of dog bed for them.

When looking for a dog bed, there are a number of things to keep in mind. Follow this guide:


  • Determine your dog's weight and height first. Make sure you provide them a bed that's big enough for them to sprawl out in. A tiny bed may cause your dog to feel confined and end up sleeping on the floor. A huge bed may make it difficult for your dog to stay warm. Before buying a bed for your dog, measure its length and width. In order to accommodate them, it should have a few extra inches on each side and in both length and width to allow for some wiggle room.
  •  Consider the Dog’s Age and Weight. Puppies and older dogs may demand a softer surface than adult dogs. Puppies want a comfy bed with lots of area to develop.
  • Adult dogs need something firmer and more supportive. Remember, they are nearly adult size and will need support as they grow. Senior dogs need a supportive bed as they age and become less mobile. The bed should also be solid enough to support their weight.

  • Select the Right Material and Surface. Your dog's bed can be created from a wide variety of materials. Some dogs prefer a more cushioned surface, while others prefer a more hard or supporting surface. The ideal material for them is something you'll have to think about.
  • If your dog suffers from joint issues, you'll need to choose a material that isn't too hard so that they don't hurt themselves. It is possible for your dog to develop arthritis or other joint problems if the surface is not soft enough. The lack of sufficient support in their existing bed may also cause them to be in discomfort.

  • Shape and Design. Shape of your dog's bed is also important. There are certain dogs who favor rectangular surfaces, while others prefer circular ones. Choose one that is suited for your pet and ensure that they are comfortable when laying on it.
  • You should think about where you want to put their bed and how much space you have before making a final decision. Choosing a dog bed that is more compact in design can help make it easier for your dog to lie on top of it in a tiny room. When it comes to sleeping, dogs who want to spread out may choose a rectangle-shaped dog bed.

    When picking out a bed for your furbabies, keep in mind how they behave. If they like to sleep on the floor, you should buy them a level surface that is simple for them to rest upon. Dogs who spend a lot of time snoozing may need a more comfy and plush toy to keep them warm and cozy.

    It's important to consider your dog's specific wants and preferences while shopping for a bed. At Mr.Chuck, we have a wide variety of dog beds available so that you can provide your furbabies the support and comfort they need, which will lead to a restful night's sleep for you both!

    Christof Rellera
    Christof Rellera

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